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My name is Felix. Oenologist and enthusiastic natural winemaker, I am the driving force behind ViniFelici. With my wine, I would like to invite you on a journey: exploring unique wine regions of the world and returning to natural wine cultivation and production methods.


I have been on this journey myself since 2010.  While studying oenology, I focused on natural manufacturing process and have subsequently worked in organic-dynamically vineyards, as well as with natural wine manufacturers, world-wide.  Since 2018, I have been a vintner with the Berlin winery “Britzer Weinkultur”.


My own wines, from Pantelleria and along the Moselle River, are produced in small quantities and using local production methods.  The harvesting, mashing and bottling is done completely manually- same as the care and cultivation of the vines themselves- and is always accomplished with the help of the hands-on support I receive from family and friends.

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