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Zibibbo. Pantelleria, Italy


Located in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and Tunisia, Pantelleria has been home to terraced vineyards since antiquity.

The rugged volcanic soil, hot, arid summers and periodic gales, blowing in off the north coast of Africa, have long posed challenges to vines and vintners alike.


Our Zibibbo - a local variety of the Muscat of Alexandria - is cultivated corresponding to the Unesco Alberello-method to protect it from the harsh conditions.

In our sea- and mountainside vineyards, the grapes are planted in troughs and are being kept short.  The aromatic berries ripen deep in the center of the small trees, shaded them from the intensity of the sun by their leaves.

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Macerated for three days. Fermented and aged for one year on the yeast.


An especially fresh, light Muscat.


Dry. 100% Muscat.

Elderflowers, nutmeg, herbal spices


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