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Oil, capers and oregano - the green gold of Pantelleria.


All around our grapevines, olives, capers and oregano thrive on the volcanic soils of the island. Adapted to the long, hot summers, they are just as characteristic of the terrain as wine, macchia, wild fennel and blackberries and do not require any spraying or other additives in order to flourish. 

The caper bush loves the dry and rocky soil of the island - and has long since left the landscaped terraces to sprout wild on the cliffs, walls and in the middle of the macchia. Harvested by hand in early summer, the flavorful caper buds are lightly dried in the shade and then preserved in sea salt. Wash off the salt before consuming. 

Cap Pante.jpg
Basilicum Pante.jpg

Oregano is harvested just before it blooms in summer, when it is at its most aromatic.  Cut into stalks and gently dried in the dark, the volcanic soil gives the small leaves a special intensity.

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